Concrete is a well-known and widely used building material, which is known from the 19th century. But concrete is brittle, i.e. its sudden destruction occurs, when the breaking load is reached. Adding steel fibers into concrete by mixing considerably improves the strength characteristics of concrete.

The first interest in steel fiber concrete in the world has quickened in 1962, when Romaldi (USA) managed to increase the concrete strength significantly by adding of direct steel wire fibers. This results in accelerated research of steel fiber concrete properties, and the first examples of its practical use, implemented in the early 70s.

Foreign experience of steel fiber concrete application, a wide range of steel fibers and a large number of companies producing steel fiber on a regular basis are satisfactory evidences of the effectiveness of steel fiber concrete construction. More than 20 foreign companies and corporations are engaged in manufacturing of steel fiber.

The examples of successful steel fiber concrete use in construction are:

Steel fiber concrete use in the past 30 years demonstrates a high technical and economic efficiency of steel fiber concrete in building constructions and structures of various purposes.

For example, using of steel fiber concrete for laying the floor of industrial buildings enables to abandon rod reinforcement completely in most cases, reduce the thickness of the floor slab by 20-25 % and increase the distance between expansion joints more than twofold. In addition, the micro-reinforcement excludes such characteristic defects of the concrete and reinforced concrete floor as cracks and chips in the area of expansion joints. And in case of adding of a special highly dispersive additives and adherence to proportions of all components of the concrete mixture, concrete has a high density and can be sanded well.

Introduction of steel fiber into concrete minimizes the growth of micro cracks and enables to increase the bending tensile strength in 1.5-2.5 times and fracture energy and tensile strain limit in 20 times.

Steel fiber concrete is a modern efficient building material that has a set of unique properties. Due to ability of steel fiber to take the tensile stresses in the micro cracks, the following characteristics of steel fiber concrete are improved: frost resistance, prompt-burst heating resistance, abrasion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and seismic forces resistance, water-resistance, corrosion resistance, also the durability of constructions is significantly increased.

Besides in the process of manufacturing of steel fiber concrete constructions the reinforcement works are significantly reduced or completely eliminated, thus the labor costs of their production are reduced up to 40%. In addition the increased physical-mechanical properties of steel fiber concrete ensure the reduction of structural weight from 15-20 % to 5-10 times and are the basis of high technical-and-economic efficiency of steel fiber concrete.

Depending on the field of steel fiber concrete application the content of fiber in the concrete mixture can be recommended as follows :

Industrial floor slabs 20-40 kg/m3
Frameworks of residential buildings 45-50 kg/m3
Constructions and buildings, operating in conditions of environmental exposure 50-70 kg/m3
Tunnels, roads and airfield pavements 50-70 kg/m3
Walls bank vaults and safes 100-120 kg/m3

Types of steel fiber:

Design of wavy steel fiber

Types of steel fiber:

Design of steel fiber with hooked ends


Steel fiber type Nominaldiameter, d,

and tolerance

extremes, mm

Nominallength, L, and


extremes, mm

Other geometrical dimensions
a, mm b, mm c, mm
Steel fiberwith hooked ends 0,50 ± 0,05 30,00 ± 3,00 2,70 ± 0,50 5,00 ± 1,00 20,00 ± 1,00
0,60 ± 0,06 2,80 ± 0,50
0,80 ± 0,08 3,00 ± 0,50
0,70 ± 0,07 50,00 ± 5,00 2,80 ± 0,50 40,00 ± 2,00
0,80 ± 0,08 2,90 ± 0,50
1,00 ± 0,10 3,10 ± 0,50
0,70 ± 0,07 60,00 ± 5,00 2,80 ± 0,50
0,80 ± 0,08 2,90 ± 0,50
1,00 ± 0,10 3,10 ± 0,50
Wavy steel fiber 1,00 ± 0,10 50,00 ± 5,00 2,00 + 0,60 8,00 ± 0,10
1,20 ± 0,12 60,00 ± 6,00
Note: Attention! Basic standard sizes of steel fiber are represented in the brochure. If the Customer requires any non-standard sizes, our Company is ready to manufacture steel fiber of other types and dimensions to satisfy the Customer’s demands.

The tensile strength of the wire is within the range of 1,000-1,500 MPa.

The goods are packed in cardboard boxes of 25 kg each (inline laying). The boxes are placed on wooden palettes.

The goods are shipped to customers by sea containers.