Since its foundation in 2014 WIRE IQ has made a name for itself in the steel wire industry.

At our site in Dnipropetrovs’k / Ukraine, high quality wire for a wide range of applications is manufactured on the most sophisticated wire drawing machines. Our iron and steel wire is used for springs in mattress and upholstery, for sinuous springs, in mesh and bent or curved items. Today WIRE IQ has grown into an independent, reliable company whose aim it is to supply its customers with technically exacting wire both quickly and competently. All wire rods is mechanically cleaned in the de-scaling process by flexing and grinding. This process is particularly environmentally friendly as it is done without the use of chemical products. The wire rod is then drawn from its original diameter to the finished dimension according to customer requirements. This may vary from 0.90 mm to 6.0 mm. This process takes place on dry drawing machines. After being coated with a drawing agent substrate the wire rod is drawn down to the desired diameter.

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Quality characteristics according to the steel grade

The Cold drawn steel bar refers to a bar-shaped product that is produced by drawing and straightening steel rods and cutting them into certain lengths. It is used mainly as machine parts and electronics materials.

And Cold drawn bar is superior to hot rolled bar in terms of surface roughness, precision, and straightness and is used for the manufacture of automotive parts and electronic goods.


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